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Implement P0433: deduction guides for <unordered_map>

Authored by Quuxplusone on Feb 24 2019, 12:10 AM.

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Add <algorithm> header to the tests, for the benefit of libstdc++.

Use ASSERT_SAME_TYPE. Add comments to Rebase.

Quuxplusone added a subscriber: STL_MSFT.

Mark LWG3025 status "Complete". (Thanks @STL_MSFT for pointing me at that issue!)

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Rebased on master (well, on D58587).
Add tests for the resolution of LWG 3025.

Review comments; remove unnecessary _VSTD:: before remove_const; consistent use of typedefs P and PC to match the corresponding unordered_map tests from D58587.

@mclow.lists: I think this one is ready to land, as well as D58617, although they probably deserve some close scrutiny to make sure the tests are testing the things they should be testing.

I wonder if I should switch from using typename remove_const<T>::type to remove_const_t<T>, since all the deduction guides are compiled only in C++17 mode anyway. If we want to do that, I propose to do it as a separate patch, or at least shortly thereafter to submit a separate patch to consistently use remove_const_t in the <set> and <map> deduction guides.

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Can you test this against Clang trunk and confirm that it works?

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Jun 18 2019, 7:41 AM
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Use _EnableIf and remove_const_t instead of enable_if and remove_const.
Whitespace diffs.
Preemptively add XFAILs on apple-clang, matching the XFAILs that were needed for unordered_set.

@ldionne ping! I believe this is ready to land.

This completes my patch-series on the topic of "CTAD for associative and unordered containers."

Btw, I've verified that the container adaptors are all done (by Marshall, a while ago). The one place libc++ is known to be still missing deduction guides is std::function ( ).

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