[AArch64] Add support for __builtin_ms_va_list on aarch64

Authored by mstorsjo on Jun 21 2017, 1:27 PM.



Move builtins from the x86 specific scope into the global scope. Their use is still limited to x86_64 and aarch64 though.

This allows wine on aarch64 to properly handle variadic functions.

This depends on D34474 for llvm.

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Did a minor adjustment, to make sure a plain va_arg produces the right kind of output, when targeting windows directly (while the rest of the patch mostly is about supporting the MS ABI while targeting a different OS).

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Split the patch into two; one for generic handling of va_arg for win/arm64, and one for using the same functionality while targeting other OSes (i.e. for wine) via the __builtin_ms_* intrinsics.

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Added test cases, a minor tweak to semantic error handling, removed the RFC tag, removed the reference to the clang prerequisite that now is committed.

rnk added inline comments.Jul 13 2017, 1:10 PM
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I strongly suspect that Microsoft will never adopt a varargs calling convention that uses a complex, non-char* va_list.

I'm starting to think we should move this to the generic builtin list and make it available everywhere. The semantics are that you can only use __builtin_ms_va_start in ms_abi functions. It always produces a char*-style va_list.

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I think we might prefer to make this non-x86_64 specific. I suspect that this pattern will arise again on ARM32 if anyone goes back there in seriousness. We'll probably want sysv_abi as well as ms_abi, and all the logic should be independent of the ISA: ms_abi is a no-op when the target OS is already Windows, and sysv_abi is a no-op when the target OS isn't Windows.

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If we made __builtin_ms_va_start generic, that would also eliminate this duplicate code.

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Unifying the ms_abi CCs would remove the need for this.

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Oh dear, how can we keep this simple. I think unifying the CC's would improve things.

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mstorsjo added inline comments.Jul 13 2017, 1:20 PM
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Yes, that seems probable.

I'm a little weary about making this available anywhere though, since it is coupled with the x86_64/aarch64 specific calling convention for lowering va_start, and there we only support it specifically on those two arches.

239 ↗(On Diff #106489)

FWIW, we already support ARM32 for windows, and there, varargs are identical to other platforms.

Extending this to all platforms probably also makes sense (although I'm a little weary about how it would work for signaling down to the LLVM IR).

rnk added inline comments.Jul 13 2017, 1:25 PM
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We should have Sema checking that rejects it when not targeting x64 or aarch64. Ultimately the codegen is shared and simple: just call llvm.va.start.

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Initial attempt at unifying the use of __builtin_ms_va_list and calling conventions between x86_64 and aarch64. This goes with the current (un-unified) version of D34474.

I only hooked up attribute((ms_abi)) on aarch64, I didn't hook up sysv_abi yet, because it's not obvious what it should map to, since aarch64 has got two other calling conventions in addition to the win64 one; standard AAPCS (for ELF systems) and the darwin modification of AAPCS. Since that's not directly needed for the wine usecase, I'm omitting that for now.

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Updated for the new version of D34474.

Reid, with D34474 approved, does this look like what you had in mind?

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Thanks, looks great!

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