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[RISCV 16/n] Support and tests for a variety of additional LLVM IR constructs

Authored by asb on Feb 14 2017, 5:58 AM.



Previous patches primarily ensured that codegen was possible for the standard RISC-V instructions. However, there are a number of IR inputs that wouldn't be appropriately lowered. This patch both adds test cases and supports lowering for a number of these cases:

  • Improved sext/zext/trunc support
  • Support for setcc variants that don't map directly to RISC-V instructions
  • Lowering mul, and hence support for external symbols
  • addc, adde, subc, sube
  • mulhs, srem, mulhu, urem, udiv, sdiv
  • {srl,sra,shl}_parts
  • Bare select
  • brind
  • br_jt
  • cttlz, cttz, ctpop
  • rotl, rotr
  • BlockAddress

A future patch will fix the TODOs regarding the cases where a register is wasted holding 0.

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  • br_jt and tests
  • ctlz, cttz, ctpop and tests
  • rotl, rotr and tests
  • Fix an incorrect seteq pattern (SLTIU vs SLTI)
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Address review comment from @majnemer (thanks!).

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Update to reflect split of instruction and pattern definitions, as discussed in

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code standard reminder: another instance of using {} with one line statement.

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Nothing is being tested here right? if you need to check a sequence you can use CHECK-NEXT

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Please avoid "else" after "return".

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LGTM w/identified issues fixed before submission.

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As per previous comment, use early return idiom here. (required, minor)

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I think this needs a comment. Why is emitting the symbol twice the right thing to do?

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Please add meaningful check lines so we can see instructions. Using the check generator would be good.

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Same here

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Updated to address review comments from @reames. Tests are now generated using utils/

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As always, thanks for the feedback Philip. What comment would you like to see? Emitting two symbols (e.g. the "Hi" and "Lo" part) is common for fixed length ISAs. I want to make the code as accessible as possible, but explaining hi/lo relocations at each instance might be repetitive?

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Period after comment.

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Period after comment.

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Is the 'I' ISA always going to be the only default extension?
I ask because some tests below have soft calls for multiplication and the checks will fail if 'IM' ISA becomes part of the default extensions.

This is also ready to be merged. Can we have it in today?

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We could change LLVM to default to a more featureful RISC-V ISA string, but it's probably helpful to have tests like this that would pick up such a change if it happens unintentionally.