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[RISCV] Support stack frames and offsets up to 32-bits

Authored by asb on Dec 4 2017, 2:32 PM.



Also, factor out stack pointer manipulation to use the new 'adjustReg' helper function.

I think this is fairly straight-forward, but I'd appreciate an extra pair of eyes just to recheck I'm setting killflags etc appropriately.

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There are a couple of NFC parts that need extracted here before the semantic change can be easily reviewed.

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Looks like this is an RFC extraction. Feel free to separate and land.

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You could add a case for when Val == 0 and use a reg move.

Hm, reviewing the ISA doc, it doesn't look like there's a register register move? Ok, add is fine. :)

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This really looks like a helper function along the lines of materializedInt32(Reg, Val). I'm pretty sure you already have other copies of this code as well.

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Is it correct to indicate a kill on a use when we're updating the same scratch reg?

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Two problems:

  1. You're missing an assert that this is an int32.
  2. This is the other use of materializeInt32 I mentioned above. :)
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Update to address review comments. adjustReg is now introduced in an earlier patch, and we also add RISCVInstrInfo::movImm32 in order to reduce duplication of logic.

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Correct, there is an assembler pseudoinstruction but mv rd, rs is just addi rd, rs, 0.

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I believe so, or at least there seem to be a number of examples of the same thing within lib/Target/*.

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Much cleaner, thanks!

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Rebase patch.

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