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[compiler-rt][XRay] Implement __xray_unpatch() and __xray_remove_handler()

Authored by dberris on Aug 4 2016, 12:42 AM.



We also add one test (and the XRay testing infrastructure) to exercise
the patching and unpatching code. This uses the XRay API exported
through the headers as well, installing a custom log handler.

Depends on D23101 for the updated emitted code alignment for the
return/entry sleds.

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As I understood, __xray_remove_handler() is not yet implemented (just declared). Shouldn't it go to this fix too? I think it's about a line of somewhat related code.

Good point. I'll add it in the next update, it should be easy to do.

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  • Implement __xray_remove_handler() and test it too
dberris retitled this revision from [compiler-rt][XRay] Implement __xray_unpatch() to [compiler-rt][XRay] Implement __xray_unpatch() and __xray_remove_handler().Aug 4 2016, 6:29 AM
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It may need a comment on what it does and what the parameter means. Or better, to make the code self-explaining, can it be renamed to e.g. ControlPatching or ControlTracing with a parameter like "bool Enabled"?

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  • Rename PatchCommon to ControlPatching
  • Add comment to ControlPatching
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Thanks, did both -- added a comment and renamed as you suggested.

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Looks good.

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