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[clang-tidy] Adds performance-returning-type check.

Authored by staronj on Jun 13 2016, 12:46 PM.



Adds performance-returning-type check.

This check is trying to find places, where one is returning different type than function returning type and when returned object is being copied instead of moved. Check wraps it with std::move when it could make it being moved.

I ran this check on LLVM codebase and it produced following changes:

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Prazek added inline comments.Jun 13 2016, 1:48 PM
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This seems like a usefull matcher. We should probably add it to ASTMatchers, or at least move it to Utils

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It actually becomes boost::optional<std::string>(std::move(s));

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Please add some subsection, or something similiar with note:
"This check requires C++11 or higher to run"

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Also describe a little bit when the checks doesn't triggers, or when it triggers, like
"for function returning A, that is constructible from B
check triggers when:

  • B::B(A &&)
  • B::B(A) when A is movable and not trivially copyable
  • A::operator B() when B is movable

check doesn't trigger when

  • B::B(const A&)
  • a is const

(and some other rules that I didn't add here)

Prazek added inline comments.Jun 13 2016, 1:52 PM
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Macro instructions_unclear: matches were unclear matched matches
A little bit too much used word matcher/matches :D

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I am aware of LLVM style guide, but I think there is exception for the matchers - they looks much more like a matchers when they starts with lower case. I am not sure if it is not spoken rule, but I don't remember single binded matcher that would start with capital case.

Eugene.Zelenko added inline comments.

One sentence should be enough. Please also remove "This check". "We" should be replaced with "function".

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Please highlight std::move with ``. Same below

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mnbvmar added inline comments.Jun 14 2016, 2:11 AM
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Probably hasOneActiveArgument.

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In hasParameter(N, ...), argument id is 0-based. Did you mean to match the third parameter (1-based)?

alexfh requested changes to this revision.Jun 17 2016, 5:41 AM
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Apart from the other reviewers' comments, I have a few concerns:

  1. The "performance-returning-type" name is missing an important part of information. Maybe "performance-return-value-conversion", "performance-return-value-copy", "performance-type-conversion-on-return", "performance-return-different-type" or something like that.
  2. The "expression could be wrapped with std::move" warning is close to useless. There are many things that "could be", but the main question is "why"? The first thing the message has to explain, is what's wrong with the current state, and only then suggest a solution. Also think about cases where the suggested solution is not the optimal one (e.g. changing the return type is better).
  3. What's so special about return? Looks like a more general problem is: passing an lvalue to a function/constructor/operator by const reference where it could instead be moved (the lvalue isn't used afterwards and the appropriate overload for rvalue reference is available).
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  1. What's so special about return? Looks like a more general problem is: passing an lvalue to a function/constructor/operator by const reference where it could instead be moved (the lvalue isn't used afterwards and the appropriate overload for rvalue reference is available).

Yes, you are right. We could generalize it more to suggest std::move for any last usage of variable (if there would be rvalue overload), but it is harde to do than this. The special thing about return, is that in most cases you shouldn't write 'return std::move(...)', so we want to find the cases where you should do it.

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  1. Name changed to return-value-copy.
  2. Changed warning message.
  3. Fixed check description.
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See UnnecessaryValueParamCheck.cpp line 33 or LoopConvertCheck.cpp lines 37-47. They all start with capital letter.

Prazek added inline comments.Jun 21 2016, 11:08 AM

You have bug here, but it should not affect the check -
hasDescendant(cxxConstructorDecl()) could possibly match to constructor of another class defined inside class.


Prazek added inline comments.Jun 21 2016, 11:30 AM

This one is usefull AF. Can you put into Traversal AST Matchers?

Macro brilliant:


maybe isConstructibleFromType? hasConstructorFromType seems like it would take cxxConstructorDecl or something.
BTW what about conversion operator? I don't see any test using it. If implementing this would be too much work, then just write FIXME for now. I guess this case would be very uncommon.


dot at the end

aaron.ballman added inline comments.Jun 22 2016, 6:36 AM

I don't think this is a good candidate for a public AST matcher -- it does too many disparate things.


With proper documentation and tests, this would be a good candidate to move into ASTMatchers.h though. However, it should be called hasDefaultArg() instead.


Arguments are what the caller provides. Parameters are what the function accepts. Also "active" is a bit of a strange term for here, so I think this should be renamed to something like hasOneNonDefaultedParam() or something similar.


I think we should make hasType() work for TemplateTypeParmDecl instead of doing it this way (as part of the public AST matcher interface), assuming it doesn't currently work.


I think this might actually be better expressed as a local variable in registerMatchers() instead of a matcher like this.






Can you fix the grammatical issues with the comment? I'm not quite certain what it should say, but I think it's something like:

Matches a QualType whose declaration has a converting constructor accepting an argument of the type from the given inner matcher.


Also ungrammatical (and missing a period at the end of the sentence).


an object of a different type.

Adding Richard who was working on standard defect report that deprived sense of this check. There are some corner cases that are not in the standard and probably won't be handled in the future that we could handle still.

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removing from my dashboard, while the check is waiting for Richard's comments.

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Because of the check is no longer required.