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[Lexer] Don't merge macro args from different macro files

Authored by vsk on May 18 2016, 4:41 PM.



The lexer sets the end location of macro arguments incorrectly *if*,
while merging consecutive args to fit into a single SLocEntry, it finds
args which come from different macro files.

Fix the issue by using separate SLocEntries in this situation.

This fixes a code coverage crasher (rdar://problem/26181005). Because
the lexer reported end locations for certain macro args incorrectly, we
would generate bogus coverage mappings with negative line offsets.

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vsk added a comment.May 19 2016, 1:47 PM

I discussed this bug with Argyrios off-list, who lgtm'd on the condition that it doesn't introduce a performance regression. He suggested preprocessing Cocoa.h to stress the patch. After running a stabilization script, I used this command to stress RelNoAsserts builds of clang both with and without this patch.

for I in $(seq 1 100); do time $CC -F /Applications/ -E Cocoa.h -o /dev/null; done

The results are basically in the noise (link to raw data:

CompilerUnpatched TOTPatched TOT
Avg. wall time (s)0.217090.21608
Std. deviation0.021010.02219

I also made sure that the preprocessed sources emitted by the two compilers are the same.

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