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[IR][Legalizations] Widen illegal deinterleave and interleave vectors
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Authored by CarolineConcatto on Mar 9 2023, 8:59 AM.



To make legalization easier, the operands and outputs have the same size for
these ISD Nodes. When legalizing the results in WidenVecRes_VECTOR_DEINTERLEAVE
the operands are legalized to the same size as the outputs.
The ISD Node has two output/results, therefore the legalizing functions update
both results/outputs.

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I'm not sure if i'm missing something but if i remove this whole block and run check-all tests I don't see anything failing. Is this missing a test case?




This can be defined next to where it's used. Is PackedVT or LegalTY a better name for this? If InVT is nxv3i32 then WideVT = TLI.getTypeToTransformTo(Ctx, InVT); will return nxv4i32 which I found quite surprising


The way i'm reading this if statement is "before we had to widen InVT to WideTV". If we do something like:

bool InVTMustWiden = (TLI.getTypeAction(Ctx, InVT) == TargetLowering::TypeWidenVector);
if (InVTMustWiden) {
  WideVT = TLI.getTypeToTransformTo(Ctx, InVT);
if (InVTMustWiden) {
  OutVT = TLI.getValueType(DAG.getDataLayout(), I.getType());

Do you think that makes it easier to understand?

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Unrelated change?


GetWidenedVector does a map lookup, but there's no way WidenVec could be in the map. Won't this fail?