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[llvm] Introduce a pass plugin registry and loader
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Authored by viroulep on Aug 1 2022, 2:19 AM.



This basically extends what has been done for opt in

The general issue is that, at the moment and except for opt, you can't use command line options defined by plugins when using only -load-pass-plugin (or -fpass-plugin), and you have to also load the library with the "old" entry point through -load to have them recognized.

This is due to the fact that parsing command line options occurs before plugins are loaded through -load-pass-plugin, and basically each tool has its own way of dealing with the loading of pass plugins.
The patch tries to mimic what was done for the existing -load command line option and aims at providing common entry points for the lib and tools:

  • tools make sure to register the loaded plugin (through the option or manually)
  • any part of the lib/tools can query the registry to have the plugins register their callbacks.

As a result -load-pass-plugin has a behavior that matches the -load option, and tools can simply include the header defining the -load-pass-plugin option if they want to have the feature.

I'm not exactly sure why -load-pass-plugin wasn't created with the same behavior as -load, which makes me think I may be missing something: if the implementation I suggest doesn't look good to you I'd be happy to look into something else (hopefully the general idea of having a single load for old/new plugins does sound good to you).

This patch touches a couple of tools (clang, llvm-lto2, opt) in addition to llvm; I tried to include only a couple of appropriate reviewers; my apologies if I missed someone, please feel free to add more relevant people if you think it's necessary!

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Looks good. Thanks.


why do we need a lock?
Is there a use case where multiple threads enter this function.
Right now, the only place we create a PassPluginLoader is in cl::opt<PassPluginLoader> PassPlugins.

Thanks for your review @w2yehia!


That's a very good question that I couldn't answer: I based the implementation on what is done over in PluginLoader, but I too wondered why it was guarded (this commit introduces it but I couldn't find more details).

I'm fine with removing it unless someone can provide a use case where we need it; I'll update the patch!

viroulep updated this revision to Diff 450844.Aug 8 2022, 9:32 AM

I took into account @w2yehia's comment, and I also noticed there was no test in clang for the -fpass-plugin option, so I added one.