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[compiler-rt][lsan] Share platform allocator settings between ASan and LSan
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Authored by leonardchan on Apr 14 2022, 2:25 PM.



This attempts to reland D87795 which refactors the asan allocator to use lsan settings.

This also updates LSan on aarch64 to use the 64-bit allocator instead of the 32-bit one. This depends on D123814 landing first. Ideally, this does not affect which allocator is used for other platforms.

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1,390 msx64 debian > Clang.utils/update_cc_test_checks::check-globals.test
Script: -- : 'RUN: at line 1'; rm -rf /var/lib/buildkite-agent/builds/llvm-project/build/tools/clang/test/utils/update_cc_test_checks/Output/check-globals.test.tmp && mkdir /var/lib/buildkite-agent/builds/llvm-project/build/tools/clang/test/utils/update_cc_test_checks/Output/check-globals.test.tmp
590 msx64 debian > Clang.utils/update_cc_test_checks::global-hex-value-regex.test
Script: -- : 'RUN: at line 1'; rm -rf /var/lib/buildkite-agent/builds/llvm-project/build/tools/clang/test/utils/update_cc_test_checks/Output/global-hex-value-regex.test.tmp && mkdir /var/lib/buildkite-agent/builds/llvm-project/build/tools/clang/test/utils/update_cc_test_checks/Output/global-hex-value-regex.test.tmp
580 msx64 debian > Clang.utils/update_cc_test_checks::global-value-regex.test
Script: -- : 'RUN: at line 1'; rm -rf /var/lib/buildkite-agent/builds/llvm-project/build/tools/clang/test/utils/update_cc_test_checks/Output/global-value-regex.test.tmp && mkdir /var/lib/buildkite-agent/builds/llvm-project/build/tools/clang/test/utils/update_cc_test_checks/Output/global-value-regex.test.tmp
600 msx64 debian > SanitizerCommon-asan-x86_64-Linux.Linux::decorate_proc_maps.cpp
Script: -- : 'RUN: at line 1'; /var/lib/buildkite-agent/builds/llvm-project/build/./bin/clang --driver-mode=g++ -gline-tables-only -fsanitize=address -m64 -funwind-tables -ldl -g /var/lib/buildkite-agent/builds/llvm-project/compiler-rt/test/sanitizer_common/TestCases/Linux/decorate_proc_maps.cpp -o /var/lib/buildkite-agent/builds/llvm-project/build/projects/compiler-rt/test/sanitizer_common/asan-x86_64-Linux/Linux/Output/decorate_proc_maps.cpp.tmp
450 msx64 debian > SanitizerCommon-lsan-x86_64-Linux.Linux::decorate_proc_maps.cpp
Script: -- : 'RUN: at line 1'; /var/lib/buildkite-agent/builds/llvm-project/build/./bin/clang --driver-mode=g++ -gline-tables-only -fsanitize=leak -m64 -funwind-tables -ldl -g /var/lib/buildkite-agent/builds/llvm-project/compiler-rt/test/sanitizer_common/TestCases/Linux/decorate_proc_maps.cpp -o /var/lib/buildkite-agent/builds/llvm-project/build/projects/compiler-rt/test/sanitizer_common/lsan-x86_64-Linux/Linux/Output/decorate_proc_maps.cpp.tmp
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leonardchan created this revision.Apr 14 2022, 2:25 PM
Herald added a project: Restricted Project. · View Herald TranscriptApr 14 2022, 2:25 PM
leonardchan requested review of this revision.Apr 14 2022, 2:25 PM
Herald added subscribers: Restricted Project, pcwang-thead. · View Herald TranscriptApr 14 2022, 2:25 PM
vitalybuka added inline comments.Apr 18 2022, 9:25 AM

i suspect these smaller values has something to do with ability allocate shadow, which is not an issue for lsan

leonardchan added inline comments.Apr 21 2022, 1:20 PM

Do you recommend I should remove them?

*ping* any more comments?

*ping* any more comments?

No objections, but some small concerns that it will be annoying to split them again if we need different setups for these sanitizers.


we can't just remove them for asan, because there probably was a reason
but now, with shared config, it's behavior change for lsan


SANITIZER_ARM64 and the rest?


this part looks a little bit unrelated, would it be better to have a separate patch?

Can you swticth to stuff like SANITIZER_ARM?

Also maybe it's better to have condition SANITIZER_WORDSIZE != 64 || the rest?

leonardchan added inline comments.Wed, Jun 1, 2:11 PM

Oh I see, yeah perhaps we can instead just "unify" the values that are already matching in the asan and lsan configs rather than moving everything.


Uploaded which instead just tells lsan to use SANITIZER_CAN_USE_ALLOCATOR64 (which should just be a no-op). Then I'll have a followup patch that sets this macro to 1 for aarch64.

leonardchan added inline comments.Thu, Jun 2, 3:22 PM

D126927 should address this.