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[Flang] Add `INTENT` for non-dummy arguments extension

Authored by unterumarmung on Apr 5 2022, 3:09 AM.



nvfortran compiler supports using INTENT attributes for non-dummy arguments. For example, for local variables.

This change adds a -fnon-arg-intent flag that enables such behavior in flang.

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ekieri added a subscriber: ekieri.

Hi! Thanks for this patch, and for your interest in contributing to Flang!

I will leave it to somebody more experienced to accept the patch -- I am not familiar with this extension, and am not aware on what grounds we decide which extensions to support. I hope that my suggestions and questions can be useful anyway.

We keep a list of supported extensions in


Please add this extension there. And please also explain its behaviour a bit.

I wonder about the behaviour. Is INTENT for non-dummies allowed-but-ignored, or does it change the semantics? For example, is an INTENT(IN) variable supposed to be read-only? And what about combining SAVE, INTENT(OUT)? Or PARAMETER, INTENT(INOUT)?

I would also appreciate tests for this behaviour, e.g., a check that modifying an INTENT(IN) non-dummy is allowed or disallowed, as desired.


Feel free to use my suggestion literally or to work out something better, whichever you prefer.


Please check for the feature-enablement together with the INTENT attributes above. Like this, the check for OPTIONAL below might get lost.


Same as above.


Update description as per above.


Update description as per above.


Update description as per above.

What is going on here? I don't understand.

@ekieri, hello! Thank you for the comment, it is really helpful!
It turns out that I've researched the issue poorly.

Actually, nvfortran compiler forbids to use INTENT attribute on local variables, even though a "mod" file can be generated. It generates a severe error like the one below and there's no way to ignore the severe errors, if I understand correctly.

NVFORTRAN-S-0134-Illegal attribute - intent specified for nondummy argument bar2 (test.f90: 3)

But the reason why I filed the patch was that nvfortran allows to use any kind of INTENT attribute for a local variable that marked as RESULT one for a function:

function foo() result(bar)
    integer, intent(out) :: bar
end function foo

nvfortran does not generate any message for this code, not even a warning. So, it looks like a bug in the compiler, not a feature or extension and this should not be supported in flang, I think.

ekieri added a comment.Apr 6 2022, 7:36 AM

Ok, good. Then please abandon this revision (Add Action... down by the comment box), so that its status is clear to everybody. Cheers!

unterumarmung abandoned this revision.Apr 7 2022, 6:48 AM