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Use OpenFlags instead of boolean to set a file as text/binary
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Authored by abhina.sreeskantharajan on Apr 20 2021, 10:45 AM.



This patch updates the functions createDefaultOutputFile, createOutputFile, createOutputFileImpl to use OpenFlags instead of a boolean binary flag.

I mapped the bool to the OpenFlags like the following
Binary = true -> OF_None
Binary = false -> OF_TextWithCRLF

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abhina.sreeskantharajan created this revision.
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+@dexonsmith who touched this API last.


I think this is only going to be worth it if we can roll up all of these booleans into a new flags enum for compiler instance. It also prevents introducing a new use of FileSystem.h, which is an expensive header to include.


Sorry, I don't think I completely understand your suggestion. Are you proposing that we create a new enum just for CompilerInstance.h for the other booleans like RemoveFileOnSignal, UseTemporary, CreateMissingDirectories? And this new enum also contain text/binary flags so we don't need to use the enum in FileSystem.h?

For background, I need this specific change to set some more text files with OF_Text because my old commit got reverted since it caused CRLF issues on Windows

dexonsmith added inline comments.

Yes, I think that's what @rnk is suggesting, maybe along the lines of the OutputConfigFlag in the (languishing, I need to get back to it) OutputBackend/OutputManager proposal I have (see, e.g.,, which needs to be split up), or maybe as a struct with named members as @sammccall suggests there.

It also prevents introducing a new use of FileSystem.h, which is an expensive header to include.

Another option that'd be more isolated would be to split the OpenFlag enum (and/or its friends) out to another header in llvm/include/llvm/Support/FileSystem/ (say, .../FileSystem/FileSystemEnums.h), like was done for UniqueID.h.


Thanks for clarifying. I think having a duplicate copy of the OpenFlags may be confusing. I like the idea of putting the enums in its own header file. But can that be done in a separate change than this patch? It will be a much larger change touching more files than this patcch.