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Remove "Rewrite Symbols" from codegen pipeline

Authored by aeubanks on Wed, Mar 31, 11:26 PM.



It breaks up the function pass manager in the codegen pipeline.

With empty parameters, it looks at the -mllvm flag -rewrite-map-file.
This is likely not in use.

Add a check that we only have one function pass manager in the codegen

This also reverts commit 9583a3f2625818b78c0cf6d473cdedb9f23ad82c:
"[AsmPrinter] Delete dead takeDeletedSymbsForFunction()".
This was not NFC as initially thought. By coalescing two function
psas managers, this exposed the reverted code as necessary.
addr-label.ll was crashing due to an emitted blockaddress's block being
removed but the label not emitted.

Some tests relied on the fact that we had a module pass somewhere in the
codegen pipeline.

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With empty parameters, it's a no-op and also breaks up the function pass manager.

I'm not sure it's actually a no-op, see the constructor which parses a cl::opt provided file:

RewriteSymbolPass() { loadAndParseMapFiles(); }

To preserve the functionality, we would need to make adding the pass conditional on the cl::opt being empty. OTOH, I'm not convinced that anyone is actually using this functionality. The top search hits for the command line flag are the Doxygen for the source files.

When this lands, please split it into a straight revert of the function symbol patch the pipeline adjustment change.

Yeah it's not technically no-op, but that flag should only be used for testing.
There is a clang flag to enable this pass in the optimization pipeline: -frewrite-map-file. Although actually it's not implemented for the new PM...

I think people who need symbol rename are mostly using #pragma redefine_extname or asm labels... (others are using objcopy --redefine-sym/--redefine-syms)

aeubanks planned changes to this revision.Mon, Apr 5, 3:00 PM

Will update the commit message and add a check that we only have one function pass manager in the codegen pipeline

aeubanks updated this revision to Diff 335361.Mon, Apr 5, 5:59 PM

add test for only one function pass manager

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I'll submit the revert separately when landing

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lgtm, thanks

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rebase after revert

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