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[flang][driver] Add forced form flags and -ffixed-line-length

Authored by FarisRehman on Jan 26 2021, 10:51 AM.



Add support for the following layout options:

  • -ffree-form
  • -ffixed-form
  • -ffixed-line-length=n (alias -ffixed-line-length-n)

Additionally remove options -fno-free-form and -fno-fixed-form as they were initially added to forward to gfortran but gfortran does not support these flags.

This patch adds the flag FlangOnlyOption to the existing options -ffixed-form, -ffree-form and -ffree-line-length- in As of commit 6a75496836ea14bcfd2f4b59d35a1cad4ac58cee, these flags are not currently forwarded to gfortran.

The default fixed line length in FrontendOptions is 72, based off the current default in Fortran::parser::Options. The line length cannot be set to a negative integer, or a positive integer less than 7 excluding 0, consistent with the behaviour of gfortran.

This patch does not add -ffree-line-length-n as Fortran::parser::Options does not have a variable for free form columns.
Whilst fixedFormColumns variable is used in f18 for -ffree-line-length-n, f18 only allows -ffree-line-length-none/-ffree-line-length-0 and not a user-specified value. fixedFormcolumns cannot be used in the new driver as it is ignored in the frontend when dealing with free form files.

Summary of changes:

  • Remove -fno-fixed-form and -fno-free-form from
  • Make -ffixed-form, -ffree-form and -ffree-line-length-n FlangOnlyOption in
  • Create AddFortranDialectOptions method in Flang.cpp
  • Create FortranForm enum in FrontendOptions.h
  • Add fortranForm_ and fixedFormColumns_ to Fortran::frontend::FrontendOptions
  • Update fixed-form-test.f so that it guarantees that it fails when forced as a free form file to better facilitate testing.

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Thank you for working on this @FarisRehman ! I've left a few inline comments, but nothing major. Really nice to see this being added and working as expected!


This is a fairly long help message. This is what gfortran prints:

gfortran --help=joined | grep 'ffixed-line-length'
  -ffixed-line-length-<n>     Use n as character line width in fixed mode

A long version could be added using DocBrief field.


We can't have help text for these, can we? Perhaps worth mentioning in the commit message that this needs fixing. We are likely to experience this with other options too.


IIUC, you are adding Fortran dialect rather then preprocessor options here. See also gfortran docs:


[nit] Perhaps Source file layout above enum class FortranForm?


Hm, unwanted TABs?

Also, please keep note of: (there should be no conflicts from what I can tell).


Could be simplified using the ternary operator:

opts.fortranForm_ = (currentArg->getOption().matches(clang::driver::options::OPT_ffixed_form) ? FortranForm::FixedForm : FortranForm::FreeForm;

To me this would be more concise, but semantically it's identical. So please decide!

(similar comment for the bit below)


Please, could you comment hard-coded args:

} else if (argValue.getAsInteger(/*Radix=*/10, columns)) {

See LLVM's coding style


Hm, wouldn't this work:

fortranOptions.isFixedForm = (frontendOptions.fortranForm_ == FortranForm::FixedForm) ? true : false;



Current RUN lines are quite complicated and there's a lot going on. It might be safer to simplify them. Perhaps this:

! RUN: not %flang-new -fsyntax-only -ffree-form %S/Inputs/fixed-form-test.f  2>&1 | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=ERROR
! RUN: not %flang-new -fsyntax-only -ffixed-form %S/Inputs/free-form-test.f90  2>&1 | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=ERROR


  • -ffree-form + fixed form file (extension and contents) --> Failure
  • -fixed-form + free form file (extension and contents) --> Failure

This is way you indeed test that the driver is forced to assume particular layout?


Could this be a regex instead?


The value is know, right? I would added it here. Also, the actual diagnostics printed is longer, isn't it?

Would it be possible to test negative numbers?



FarisRehman marked 12 inline comments as done.

Address review comment

Address the review comment by @awarzynski

Summary of changes:

  • Shorten help text
  • Add method AddFortranDialectOptions to Flang.cpp
  • Change style of code to use quaternary operator
  • Update regression tests
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FarisRehman added inline comments.

I believe this is just Phabricator showing the comments have been indented

@FarisRehman, thank you for addressing my comments! I've just realised that gfortran doesn't actually support -fno-fixed-form or -fno-free-form:

$ gfortran -ffixed-form -fno-fixed-form test.f
gfortran: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-fno-fixed-form’

I've checked the other spellings too. If that's the case then perhaps the definitions in should be updated to reflect that? And if we don't use BooleanFFlag for these options then it should be much easier to add a help text too.

Remove -fno-fixed-form and -fno-free-form

Remove options -fno-fixed-form and -fno-free-form allowing for help messages to be added to -ffixed-form and -ffree-form.

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tskeith added inline comments.Jan 29 2021, 9:05 AM

Why isn't this -ffixed-line-length=<value> (i.e. with an equals sign, not a hyphen)? Isn't that how clang does options with values? It's fine to support the gfortran form as an alternative but I think the primary goal should be good consistent style for options.

FarisRehman marked an inline comment as done.

Address review comment

This revision addresses a review comment by @tskeith

Summary of changes:

  • Add a new option, ffixed_line_length_EQ, that defines -ffixed-line-length=
  • Make option ffixed_line_length_VALUE (-ffixed-line-length-) an alias of ffixed_line_length_EQ, to be consistent with gfortran
  • Add flag FlangOnlyOption to ffixed-form, ffree-form and ffixed-line-length
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Thank you for working on this @FarisRehman !

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