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[Clang] Allow processing of attributes on statements by plugins

Authored by Qix- on Apr 5 2021, 1:56 AM.



Pretty cut and dry; currently plugins can create attributes for declarations but any that are not recognized produce a diagnostic, leaving no hook for plugins to react to them.

This adds a quick check to the attribute to see if the implementation would like to handle it first, akin to how declarations are handled.

Compatible with D99861.

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Thank you for the patch! Btw, can you add more context to the patch when you generate it (I usually use -U 999 when making patches)?

The changes look good so far, but I think docs\ClangPlugins.rst should be updated to document the new functionality and it would be nice to add example usage (in lieu of tests) to examples\Attribute.

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Closing in favor of more complete plugin attribute changes discussed in IRC.