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[flang][f18] Make -fdebug-dump-{} imply -fsyntax-only - revert
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Authored by awarzynski on Feb 17 2021, 7:31 AM.



This patch reverts the changes in f18 introduced in

The new driver will run only the action corresponding to the final
action option. For this reason, we need to make sure that
-fsyntax-only _is not_ the final option on the command line and all
tests are updated to use:

-fsyntax-only -fdebug-dump-symbols

rather than

-fdebug-dump-symbols -fsyntax-only

This way we can guarantee that tests using -fdebug-dump-symbols and
-fdebug-dump-parse-tree will continue working for both drivers,
despite the underlying implementation being a bit different.

The affected dump options:

  • -fdebug-dump-symbols
  • -fdebug-dump-parse-tree

are introduced in flang-new in

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