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llvm.noalias - GetUnderlyingObjects to optionally collect noalias calls

Authored by hfinkel on Apr 30 2015, 9:17 AM.



This is part of the series started by D9375, and lets GetUnderlyingObjects, optionally, collect the llvm.noalias calls that it has looked through. This will be used by the AA implementation for llvm.noalias, to avoid double-walking (which could be expensive) and copy-and-paste.

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I've thought about how to generalize this (it seems kind of silly to have GetUnderlyingObject(s) have a special parameter for this), but because I don't think that imposing the overhead of a virtual function call for each visited instruction is reasonable, I think the way to generalize it is to template it on some kind of customization functor. I've done that here, in the name of keeping this change small, and because I don't yet have a second use case. I'm happy to do the generalization either sequenced before this change or afterward (assuming, of course, we don't decide on a completely different way to satisfy this use case).

majnemer added inline comments.

Perhaps the NoAlias parameter deserves a mention?


auto *I


Should we assign V the value of I->getOperand(0) ?


The following might be a little shorter:

if (match(V, m_Intrinsic<Intrinsic::noalias>())

Braces are unneeded.

hfinkel added inline comments.Jul 9 2016, 5:00 PM

Yes. I'll add test to the comment.


Yes, this happens in D9383.


auto *I



Both true, but I think it makes more sense this way once D9383 is also applied.

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Updated per review comments.

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LGTM with nits


I find it more likely that a SmallVector will get passed in instead of a custom MaxLookup. Perhaps they should be reordered to one another?

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Looks like patch was not committed.

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I think you can sink this into the block for the auto CS = CallSite(V) condition. You can compare CS.getIntrinsicID() with Intrinsic::noalias.

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Yes, indeed!

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Addressed review feedback.

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