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[mlir] Convert `memref_reshape` to LLVM.

Authored by pifon2a on Oct 29 2020, 3:19 AM.

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pifon2a created this revision.Oct 29 2020, 3:19 AM
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remove print

ftynse requested changes to this revision.Oct 29 2020, 7:15 AM
ftynse added inline comments.

Nit: could we have a doc for this function?


Nit: would it be reasonable to have these things as additional accessors on UnrankedMemRefDescriptor?


I wonder if we cannot run into issues because of alignment properties on some weird architectures. The descriptor structure is not packed, so it is subject to alignment rules between elements as defined by LLVM's data layout. I don't have an example offhand, so it may be always fine, so I'd appreciate an argument why it is a safe thing to do in a comment. Otherwise, LLVMTypeConverter contains the llvm::DataLayout that we are targeting, which can be used to get proper offsets of elements in bytes and do all indexing arithmetic after bitcasting to i8*.


Nit: LLVM::LLVMType was fine here


Please fix


Can't we use createIndexConstant instead here? Or at least not hardcode i32, I think there was some option controlling the bit size of the address arithmetic


Putting these addressing tricks (which are cool, I must admit!) into the UnrankedMemRefDescriptor sounds even more appealing to me. Since we seem to always need the triple allocated/aligned/store, we can have a function for those.


addArgument is invalid in conversion patterns, similarly to other in-place updates. rewriter.createBlock creates block with arguments, but you'd need to clone the remaining operations in there. Maybe splitBlock can be extended to also add arguments to the newly created block.

(I suspect the addArgument will most likely just work even if we rollback the change, but it may run into some bad use-def loop)


(Beyond the scope): I wonder if we could later refactor this and the SCF-to-std lowering in a createLoop(function_ref bodyBuilder, function_ref conditionBuilder) that produces std control flow; the pattern infra will then lower the std ops into LLVM automatically.

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pifon2a updated this revision to Diff 302382.Nov 2 2020, 1:14 PM
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Address all of the comments but one.

pifon2a added inline comments.Nov 2 2020, 1:17 PM

I am not sure how many architectures, not to mention weird ones, are using unranked code generation. I would leave it like that for now and use llvm::DataLayout later if needed.


I added setters/getters to UnrankedMemRefDescriptor. At first I intended to have a separate PR that adds them, but it looks like the current PR is the best way to actually test them.


Yes, that would be much more readable.

pifon2a added inline comments.Nov 2 2020, 1:18 PM

extending splitBlock looks much harder than just using createBlock and cloning the remaining ops. I ll do that tomorrow.

ftynse added inline comments.Nov 3 2020, 1:41 AM

Let's keep a TODO comment then. If we ever run into a problem, will be easier to debug.

pifon2a updated this revision to Diff 302523.Nov 3 2020, 2:36 AM
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Address the remaining comments.

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