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Refactor Reduction Tree Pass

Authored by msifontes on Aug 8 2020, 4:11 PM.



Refactor the way the reduction tree pass works in the MLIR Reduce tool by introducing a set of utilities that facilitate the implementation of new Reducer classes to be used in the passes.

This will allow for the fast implementation of general transformations to operate on all mlir modules as well as custom transformations for different dialects.

These utilities allow for the implementation of Reducer classes by simply defining a method that indexes the operations/blocks/regions to be transformed and a method to perform the deletion or transformation based on the indexes.

Create the transformSpace class member in the ReductionNode class to keep track of the indexes that have already been transformed or deleted at the current level.

Delete the FunctionReducer class and replace it with the OpReducer class to reflect the use of the new API while performing the same transformation and allowing the instantiation of a reduction pass for different types of operations at the module's highest hierarchichal level.

Modify the SinglePath Traversal method to reflect the use of the new API.

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Fix indexing bug in createTransformedVariants().

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Merge createTransformedVariants and createErasedVariants utilities into single createVariants utility.

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NFC: clang-format

jpienaar added inline comments.Aug 11 2020, 9:51 AM

So seems like template is only used for getOps really. So you could have your implementation have functionref Module -> iterator_range<OpIterator> filter function and then avoid templating inside here. You could still have the simple templated top class, but then the instantiated one & implementation could just call the filter function and so in you cpp file you'd have no templates.


This seems less ideal than having the above in a header as I think this restricts you to only use these ops.

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Apply Requested changes

  • Modify OpReducer class to use PImpl idiom.
  • Modify Reduction Tree Utilities to use llvm::function_ref instead of std::function

NFC: Formatting changes

Merge confilcts in working tree.

Change mlir-reduce.cpp to use new OpReducer

Remove unused headers in OpReducer.h

Modify the reduction node transform space to use a bool vector with the transformed indices marked as true.

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Fix clang-format error

jpienaar accepted this revision.Aug 20 2020, 4:58 PM

Nice thanks, LG with comments addressed


Why not const Tester& ? Is null allowed?


Could you expand to document what transform arg does/how it will be used?


These would all be of OpType?


Lets make this OpType as refers to class


Could we change 1 and 2 (below) to something more informative?


Same here


Mmm, if these are all static, why not just have these in a namespace rather than class?


processNode is too general as a utility function name. Lets find something more descriptive.


Line update?


Why not just range based for?


Should this be wrapped in LLVM_DEBUG too?


Where is this used?

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Apply requested changes

  • Use constant Tester reference throughout.
  • Modify debugging messages to explain how the variants are being created.
  • Change the ReductionTreeUtils class to be a namespace.
  • Replace processNode method name with updateSmallestNode.
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