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[test][go]Use -stdlib=libc++ to build GO binding test if LLVM is built with libc++

Authored by xingxue on Feb 24 2020, 8:59 AM.



The recent change in go.test causes the GO binding test to fail if libc++ is used to build LLVM. When LLVM is built against libc++, LLVM libraries, including those used in GO binding test have dependencies on libc++ and C++ STL signatures in these libraries are corresponding to libc++ implementation. Therefore, -stdlib=libc++ is required on the C++ compiler command for building GO binding test that links with these LLVM libraries. Fixed by using --cxxflags as part of the CGO_CXXFLAGS and CGO_LDFLAGS configuration. --cxxflags has -srdlib=libc++ if libc++ is used to build LLVM.

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xingxue created this revision.Feb 24 2020, 8:59 AM
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Revision no longer needed now that the GO binding test code has been reverted. Thanks!