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[clang-format] [NFC] update the documentation in Format.h to allow to get a little closer to being correct.

Authored by MyDeveloperDay on Oct 24 2019, 1:48 PM.



Running on the tip of the trunk causes ClangFormatStyleOptions.rst to have changes, which I think ideally it shouldn't.

Some recent commits have meant Format.h and ClangFormatStyleOptions.rst have become out of sync such that either couldn't be run or generated incorrect .rst files.

It's also important to remember to edit the IncludeStyles from Tooling.

Make a couple of changes D6833: Clang-format: Braces Indent Style Whitesmith D64695: [clang-format] Modified SortIncludes and IncludeCategories to priority for sorting #includes within the Group Category. which came from recent clang-format commits that missed this step. There are still a couple of other changes from commit D67541: [ClangFormat] Future-proof Standard option, allow floating or pinning to arbitrary lang version D68296: [clang-format] Add ability to wrap braces after multi-line control statements which also need to be looked at, but I'd like to park these first two changes first.

The authors of these original commits I've included in the reviewers, I'm happy to work on the changes, just really need to know which is the ground truth of the changes you want to keep (whats in the Format.h) or what is in the ClangFormatStyleOptions.rst

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