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[GISel][ArtifactCombiner] Relax the constraint to combine unmerge with concat_vectors

Authored by qcolombet on Mon, Oct 21, 5:21 PM.



The combine G_UNMERGE_VALUES with G_CONCAT_VECTORS used to only be performed
when the result type of the G_UNMERGE_VALUES was a vector type.
In other words, we were expecting that the G_UNMERGE_VALUES was effectively
the exact opposite of the G_CONCAT_VECTORS.

Lift that constraint by allowing any G_UNMERGE_VALUES to be combined
with any G_CONCAT_VECTORS (as long as the size of the different pieces
that we merge/unmerge match).

Note: The reason why we had this restriction was I believe to avoid G_UNMERGE_VALUES with scalars as definitions and a vector as input. I.e., an equivalent of a sort of G_UNBUILD_VECTOR. However, we don't have such vector-to-scalar specific opcode, so the limitation was artificial (AFAICT) and we actually already produce such patterns! (See added test case that are derived directly from the added integration test).

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qcolombet created this revision.Mon, Oct 21, 5:21 PM
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arsenm added inline comments.Mon, Oct 21, 7:27 PM
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Is there a reason to have the ADJCALLSTACK?

qcolombet marked an inline comment as done.Tue, Oct 22, 8:05 AM
qcolombet added inline comments.
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No, there is not :).
The test physregs below were originally feeding a call.
I'll remove it.

qcolombet updated this revision to Diff 226143.Wed, Oct 23, 8:20 AM
  • Remove ADJUSTxxx operations in the tests
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arsenm accepted this revision.Thu, Oct 24, 4:05 PM


This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Thu, Oct 24, 4:05 PM
  • Fix a latent bug
  • Update AMDGPU tests
qcolombet marked an inline comment as done.Thu, Oct 24, 10:31 PM

Hi @arsenm ,

I found a latent bug that has now more chances to trigger with the relaxations that this patch brings.
I've updated the patch to fix the bug, but I have now a bunch of "regressions" on AMDGPU test cases because the fix is too conservative.
Is this still okay to land?

\\ The Bug \\

Basically, before we rewrite the merge/unmerge pair, when a conversion operation is present, we need to make sure that the final source and destination types that will end up in the conversion are legit.
I've appended a test case that triggers the bug on the old (i.e., before this patch) code in test/CodeGen/AMDGPU/GlobalISel/artifact-combiner-unmerge-values.mir.
Without my fix, we could assert that we are trying to create conversions from incompatible types (e.g., sext s16 to <2 x s16>).
There is room for improvement, but I think this patch still goes in the right direction.

\\ The Fix \\
The fix I came up with is pretty conservative:
Let us consider:

dstMerge = merge srcMerge
srcUnmerge = convertop dstMerge
dstUnmerge = unmerge srcUnmerge

If dstUnmerge.isVector() != srcMerge.isVector(), I block the transformation. The rationale being that we might end up rewriting the previous sequence in:

dstUnmerge = convertop srcMerge


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This checks block some of the combines that were done with the old code.

qcolombet marked an inline comment as done.Thu, Oct 24, 10:31 PM
qcolombet added inline comments.
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Second check.

@arsenm ping on the AMDGPU test changes.

@arsenm ping^2 on the AMDGPU test changes.

arsenm added a comment.Mon, Nov 4, 9:16 AM

Are you planning on fixing the regression in the near future? If so splitting the patches this way seems fine

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This is definitely worse since unmerge to s1 should be illegal, although it's possible the rules aren't properly defined here

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This is worse because the truncates need to be scalarized

501 ↗(On Diff #226376)

Test name doesn't quite match, I see no s128

Are you planning on fixing the regression in the near future? If so splitting the patches this way seems fine

I plan to fix the regressions, but I cannot commit on a deadline yet. In particular, I don't expect I will have time the next coming few weeks.

The reason I still believe it makes sense to land the patch as is is because the code without this patch will assert on inputs that looks like test_unmerge_values_s128_of_zext_of_concat_vectors (yes the name doesn't make sense, I'll fix that :)). I.e., I would rather generate worse code (like you mentioned) than potentially crashing the compiler.

What do you think?

arsenm accepted this revision.Mon, Nov 4, 11:30 AM

LGTM, I guess a crash is worse than things that can fall back

This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.