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[GWP-ASan] Attempt to fix Android/ARM platforms.
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Authored by hctim on Jul 9 2019, 5:18 PM.



This patch re-enabled GWP-ASan for Android and other ARM platforms. It does two

  1. Adds -fno-emulated-tls, as the clang driver still default compiles using emulated TLS on Android.
  2. Also uses sanitizer common unwinder on Android, as glibc backtrace() isn't available.

This patch should be monitored closely when submitting. I don't have the ARM32
machines that the patches initially broke to verify that this fixes the
problem, but it's a good attempt.

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This adds sanitizer_common libraries to scudo_minimal (but not to scudo_standalone). Is it OK with you, Kostya?

It's OK with me. Part of the reason for splitting out the symbolizer was some memory overhead as well, which we probably want to look into.
Is COMPILER_RT_HAS_GWP_ASAN going to be true by default for Android? If so we probably should loop in the toolchain team so that there is no surprise on their next toolchain update.