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[GWP-ASan] Add generic unwinders and structure backtrace output.

Authored by hctim on Jun 26 2019, 1:43 PM.



Adds two flavours of generic unwinder and all the supporting cruft. If the
supporting allocator is okay with bringing in sanitizer_common, they can use
the fast frame-pointer based unwinder from sanitizer_common. Otherwise, we also
provide the backtrace() libc-based unwinder as well. Of course, the allocator
can always specify its own unwinder and unwinder-symbolizer.

The slightly changed output format is exemplified in the first comment on this
patch. It now better incorporates backtrace information, and displays
allocation details on the second line.

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hctim created this revision.Jun 26 2019, 1:43 PM
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hctim added a comment.Jun 26 2019, 1:45 PM

The new output format using the libc based unwinder is below. The report can be symbolized properly by using addr2line, but we don't really want to fork/exec during crash handling for obvious reasons. The libc generic unwinder provides either a function offset or a binary offset, so they can be happily symbolized offline.

The sanitizer unwinder does a better job of symbolizing online.

*** GWP-ASan detected a memory error ***
Use after free at 0xf7f22ff0 (0 bytes into a 10-byte allocation at 0xf7f22ff0) by thread 171092 here:
  #0 ./projects/compiler-rt/test/gwp_asan/I386LinuxConfig/Output/use_after_free.cpp.tmp(_ZN8gwp_asan20GuardedPoolAllocator19reportErrorInternalEjNS0_5ErrorE+0x3c8) [0x5660a4b8]
  #1 ./projects/compiler-rt/test/gwp_asan/I386LinuxConfig/Output/use_after_free.cpp.tmp(_ZN8gwp_asan20GuardedPoolAllocator11reportErrorEjNS0_5ErrorE+0x2a) [0x5660a03a]
  #2 ./projects/compiler-rt/test/gwp_asan/I386LinuxConfig/Output/use_after_free.cpp.tmp(+0x1877e) [0x5660977e]
  #3 [0xf7f4b0a0]
  #4 /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ [0xf7a8d4f1]

0xf7f22ff0 was allocated by thread 171092 here:
  #0 ./projects/compiler-rt/test/gwp_asan/I386LinuxConfig/Output/use_after_free.cpp.tmp(_ZN8gwp_asan20GuardedPoolAllocator8allocateEj+0x1b9) [0x56609ce9]
  #1 ./projects/compiler-rt/test/gwp_asan/I386LinuxConfig/Output/use_after_free.cpp.tmp(+0x27c8e) [0x56618c8e]
  #2 ./projects/compiler-rt/test/gwp_asan/I386LinuxConfig/Output/use_after_free.cpp.tmp(+0x278ed) [0x566188ed]
  #3 ./projects/compiler-rt/test/gwp_asan/I386LinuxConfig/Output/use_after_free.cpp.tmp(malloc+0x20) [0x5661bee0]
  #4 ./projects/compiler-rt/test/gwp_asan/I386LinuxConfig/Output/use_after_free.cpp.tmp(main+0x2b) [0x5661de6b]
  #5 /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ [0xf7a8d4f1]

0xf7f22ff0 was deallocated by thread 171092 here:
  #0 ./projects/compiler-rt/test/gwp_asan/I386LinuxConfig/Output/use_after_free.cpp.tmp(_ZN8gwp_asan20GuardedPoolAllocator10deallocateEPv+0xb6) [0x56609f16]
  #1 ./projects/compiler-rt/test/gwp_asan/I386LinuxConfig/Output/use_after_free.cpp.tmp(+0x27f91) [0x56618f91]
  #2 ./projects/compiler-rt/test/gwp_asan/I386LinuxConfig/Output/use_after_free.cpp.tmp(+0x27e1e) [0x56618e1e]
  #3 ./projects/compiler-rt/test/gwp_asan/I386LinuxConfig/Output/use_after_free.cpp.tmp(cfree+0x1f) [0x5661beaf]
  #4 ./projects/compiler-rt/test/gwp_asan/I386LinuxConfig/Output/use_after_free.cpp.tmp(main+0x65) [0x5661dea5]
  #5 /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ [0xf7a8d4f1]

*** End GWP-ASan report ***

I'm not very familiar with the compiler-rt build-side of this change, eugenis can speak to that better than I can.

114 ↗(On Diff #206740)

Instead of doing if (PrintBacktrace) {} else {} checks everywhere why not just set it to the default value here if it's null?

32 ↗(On Diff #206740)

Why not std::min() instead of assert(), otherwise all backtrace implementations are beholden to __sanitizer::kStackTraceMax

We will need something different for out-of-process unwinding, which is AFAIK a requirement both in android and chrome.

140 ↗(On Diff #206740)

That's a lot of libraries. We need at most two - one standalone implementation for testing, and one "plugin" for the actual users.

44 ↗(On Diff #206740)

update the comment

hctim marked 4 inline comments as done.Jun 28 2019, 10:41 AM

We will need something different for out-of-process unwinding, which is AFAIK a requirement both in android and chrome.

It looks like malloc_debug in Android uses in-process unwinding, based on libunwindstack. My assumption was that we would happily do it in-process there. Chromium also unwinds in-process AFAICT.

Out-of-process crash handling will be platform dependent, but we will likely have to provide some hooks at a later date to support this.

140 ↗(On Diff #206740)

The only problem here is that I'd expect people to mix-and-match these.

For example, Scudo is currently using the options parser, and the libc unwinder. Soon enough they'll be using the libc unwinder and providing their own options parser. I think we need to keep them decoupled to allow people to pick what they need (hence the optional dir).

32 ↗(On Diff #206740)

Done, with the caveat that we don't have c++ headers so have to do this ourselves ;)

hctim updated this revision to Diff 207097.Jun 28 2019, 10:42 AM
hctim marked an inline comment as done.
  • Updated with Vlad and Evgenii's comments.
eugenis added inline comments.Jun 28 2019, 10:57 AM
140 ↗(On Diff #206740)

Right, but they don't need libclang_rt.* libraries. Those are for the driver to link with user binaries. Scudo would link RTGwpAsanxxxx statically.

hctim marked 4 inline comments as done.Jun 28 2019, 11:08 AM
hctim added inline comments.
140 ↗(On Diff #206740)

Ah, I see. Have removed the libclang_rt varaints for most of these and made a unified sanitizer_common-based support library.

hctim updated this revision to Diff 207109.Jun 28 2019, 11:08 AM
hctim marked an inline comment as done.
  • Removed lots of libclang_rt libs and added a unified support library.
eugenis added inline comments.Jun 28 2019, 12:31 PM
140 ↗(On Diff #206740)

The library should be used in tests. Add at least a sanity test for stack trace printing.

364 ↗(On Diff #207109)

Let's avoid printing incomplete lines. Android logcat, for example, adds a line break after every print.

hctim updated this revision to Diff 207154.Jun 28 2019, 3:07 PM
hctim marked 3 inline comments as done.
  • Added proper backtrace death unittests with unwinding checks.
hctim added inline comments.Jun 28 2019, 3:07 PM
140 ↗(On Diff #206740)

I've added a sanity test for this. Slight caveat - we can't really link against libclang_rt runtimes without adding -fsanitize=gwp_asan to the clang driver (which is how ASan checks itself against libclang_rt.ASan), which I'd rather not do as this mostly for tests only. Instead, I link the unittests against RTGwpAsan/RTGwpAsanOptionsParser/RTGwpAsanBacktraceSanitizerCommon which should provide sufficient coverage and ensure that backtracing is correct for the sanitizer common variant.

hctim updated this revision to Diff 207181.Jun 28 2019, 5:25 PM
  • Use intermediate strings and individual buffers (with snprintf()) instead of sprintf().
  • Flip order of deallocation/allocation stack traces.
eugenis accepted this revision.Jun 28 2019, 5:51 PM


This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Jun 28 2019, 5:51 PM
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