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[cmake] Add function for building native tool

Authored by smeenai on Mar 29 2019, 7:13 PM.



Instead of duplicating functionality for building native versions of
tblgen and llvm-config, add a function to set up a native tool build.
This will also be used for llvm-nm in a follow-up.

This should be NFC for tblgen, besides the slightly different COMMENT
for the custom command (it'll display the tablegen target name instead
of always saying TableGen). For the native llvm-config, it's a behavior
change in that we'll use llvm_ExternalProject_BuildCmd instead of
constructing the build command manually, always build in Release, and
reference the correct binary path for multi-config generators. I believe
all of these changes to be bug fixes.

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I have no idea why we make the native tblgen depend on the target's tblgen, but I didn't want to change that in this diff. I might try getting rid of it in a follow-up and seeing what happens.

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With the new centralized function, we could consider adding this chaining in there (which would probably require moving the add_custom_target call into the function as well). However, I'm not sure how to do this chaining in a generic way without introducing unnecessary dependencies; for example, it would be really unfortunate if llvm-tblgen ended up depending on llvm-opt. USES_TERMINAL is the perfect solution to this problem in Ninja, but I don't know of any way to prevent targets from building in parallel on another generator without introducing an artificial dependency.

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phosek added inline comments.Mar 29 2019, 8:04 PM
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Since both of these are required, wouldn't it be better to pass them as function arguments (i.e. function(build_native_tool target output_path_var))?

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Yeah, that's fair. I like the keyword form cos it's clearer at call sites, but not having a way to enforce required arguments (besides just manually verifying them) is annoying. Plus DEPENDS might go away in a follow-up, at which point it would be only function arguments.

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Took a couple of reads to make sure that nothing was really being changed, but seems so. LGTM.

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