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[clang-tidy] Flag Classes Inheriting From Structs
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Authored by DennisMelamed on Sep 26 2018, 7:47 AM.



Added a check which flags cases of a class inheriting from a struct, which can cause unintended scope issues since struct members are public by default.

Patch by Dennis Melamed

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DennisMelamed created this revision.Sep 26 2018, 7:47 AM
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Would it make sense to not catch-all all the class : struct, but consider the explicitly specified inheritance visibility?


Please linewrap to 80 chars.


Missing cases:

  • struct inheriting from struct
  • Different inheritance visibility:
    • You only check the default visibility
    • What if class explicitly-publicly inherits from struct?
    • What if class explicitly-privately inherits from struct?
    • What if class explicitly-protectedly inherits from struct?
    • Same for struct inheriting from struct?

This strikes me as likely being a very chatty diagnostic. For instance, it will trigger on harmless code that uses empty base class optimization (in addition to other concerns pointed out by @lebedev.ri). It seems like the real concern here is unintentional information disclosure, but I don't see a good heuristic for determining that something is "unintentional" or not. I'd be curious to know how frequently this triggers on some large C++ code bases.


I don't agree with the predicate here -- structs aren't just used for C compatibility (look at <type_traits> as an example). They're also useful when all members need to be public, which is exactly the situation you claim may be unintentional.

Eugene.Zelenko added inline comments.

Please use alphabetical order for new checks list.


Please make first statement same as in Release Notes.


I think warning is more correct term then error for Clang-tidy diagnistics.

lebedev.ri added inline comments.Sep 26 2018, 12:14 PM

Also, i have only thought about it, there are no tests about what happens if you (say, publicly) inherit from struct, that does not have anything public.

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