[X86] Replace action Promote with Custom for operation ISD::SINT_TO_FP

Authored by vrybalov on Thu, Apr 12, 8:26 AM.



If attribute "use-soft-float"="true" is set then X86ISelLowering.cpp sets
'Promote' action for ISD::SINT_TO_FP operation on type i32.

But 'Promote' action is not proper in this case since lib function
__floatsidf is available for casting from signed int to float type.
Thus Custom action is more suitable here.

If function attribute "use-soft-float"="true" is set then infinite looping
can happen in DAG combining, function visitSINT_TO_FP() replaces SINT_TO_FP
node with UINT_TO_FP node and function combineUIntToFP() replace vice versa in cycle.
The fix prevents it.

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RKSimon added inline comments.

This test needs improving - you need to add proper FileCheck testing, preferably use the update_llc_test_checks script to check all codegen and cleanup the actual test - I'm not convinced you need all this code to demonstrate the sitofp?

vrybalov added inline comments.Mon, Apr 16, 7:42 AM

Main purpose of the test is to check llc doesn't hang on compilation. Now it hangs.

vrybalov added inline comments.Mon, Apr 16, 7:49 AM

Without "target triple = "i386-unknown-linux-gnu"" the test passes compilation now.

efriedma added inline comments.Mon, Apr 16, 12:45 PM

Normally, you'd use "Expand" to indicate this is always a libcall.

craig.topper added inline comments.Mon, Apr 16, 10:16 PM

This should be sufficient to hit the bug

target triple = "i386-unknown-linux-gnu"

define double @foo(i16 %foo) #0 {
  %conv = zext i16 %foo to i32
  %conv1 = sitofp i32 %conv to double
  ret double %conv1

attributes #0 = { "use-soft-float"="true" }
craig.topper added inline comments.Mon, Apr 16, 10:47 PM

I think really the problem is that UINT_TO_FP is defaulting to Legal in this case. So this DAG combine is being allowed to fire. Making SINT_TO_FP Custom stops this, but I think you really want to set UINT_TO_FP to Promote. Or maybe set them both to Expand as Eli suggested. It doesn't necessarily matter because we should be softening the float before we get to legalize ops.

// If the input is a legal type, and SINT_TO_FP is not legal on this target,
// but UINT_TO_FP is legal on this target, try to convert.
if (!TLI.isOperationLegalOrCustom(ISD::SINT_TO_FP, OpVT) &&
    TLI.isOperationLegalOrCustom(ISD::UINT_TO_FP, OpVT)) {
  // If the sign bit is known to be zero, we can change this to UINT_TO_FP.
  if (DAG.SignBitIsZero(N0))
    return DAG.getNode(ISD::UINT_TO_FP, SDLoc(N), VT, N0);
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Updated test.

spatel added inline comments.Tue, Apr 17, 7:35 AM

The general rule is that if you're going to test something, then you might as well test that the output is *correct* rather than *not wrong*. The script that Simon mentioned makes that easy, especially now that the test is minimized. Please use FileCheck and the script for this test.

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The patch is updated according to review comments.

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