[SROA] enable splitting for non-whole-alloca loads and stores
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Authored by inouehrs on Tue, May 9, 5:52 AM.



Currently, SROA splits loads and stores only when they are accessing the whole alloca.
This patch relaxes this limitation to allow splitting a load/store if all other loads and stores to the alloca are disjoint to or fully included in the current load/store. If there is no other load or store that crosses the boundary of the current load/store, the current splitting implementation works as is.
The whole-alloca loads and stores meet this new condition and so they are still splittable.

Here is a simplified motivating example.

struct record {
    long long a;
    int b;
    int c;

int func(struct record r) {
    for (int i = 0; i < r.c; i++)
    return r.b;

When updating r.b (or r.c as well), LLVM generates redundant instructions on some platforms (such as x86_64, ppc64); here, r.b and r.c are packed into one 64-bit GPR when the struct is passed as a method argument.

With this patch, the above example is compiled into only few instructions without loop.
Without the patch, unnecessary loop-carried dependency is introduced by SROA and the loop cannot be eliminated by the later optimizers.

The path length of the std::string's assign method with istreambuf_iterator (an example below) is reduced by about 10% on ppc64.


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I added a new unit test and modified affected existing unit tests.

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Does this have to be n^2 in the number of slices? Can't you leverage the sorting to be more efficient?


These CHECKs have no colon, they aren't firing.

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Also, the NEXT must be capitalized.

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  • Implemented a linear-time algorithm (instead of N^2 for number of slices) for searching splittable slices.
  • Fixed errors in the unit test.
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I changed the algorithm to a linear-time one. I confirmed that this algorithm generates the same results to the previous N^2 algorithm during the bootstrap test.


Thank you so much for pointing this out. Fixed these errors.

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