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[WIP] New AsmPrinterHandler that is able to interleave source code
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Authored by rogfer01 on Mar 13 2017, 9:23 AM.



This is the LLVM side of the proposal in

Basically introduces a new AsmPrinterHandler that is enabled when AsmSource is not None. AsmSource is not just a boolean because we do not want to clutter the assembler with debug directives if we are just using -fverbose-asm (and no other debug information has been requested).

See the clang side of this in

*TODO*: Add tests

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Hi Roger,

thank you for working on this. I have some minor comments, good job!

A test would also make clear what would be the desired output of this new functionality.



Please describe this enumeration.


You could use DebugLoc::print (or factor out part of it if you don't need column and line number).


Nitpicking: const std:string?


Nitpicking: const int?


}// end namespace llvm

efriedma added inline comments.

If we're compiling source code using clang, we already have the source code in a buffer in memory. Re-reading it from the disk is useless work at best, and might not even work in some cases (for example, clang supports reading C code from stdin).

hfinkel added inline comments.

As I mentioned in the Clang review; this should be some kind of factored-out feature.


I'd like to see this at greater than line granularity when column information is available. We should be able to have something like this:

// for (int i = 0; i < n; ++i)
//         ^
xor r1, r1, r1


// for (int i = 0; i < n; ++i)
//                         ^
cmp r1, r22

Doing this well means figuring out beforehand whether there are instructions with different column values for a particular line. This is a bit more work, but I can say from my experience making llvm-opt-report, it is definitely worth it.

Also, I'd like to see the line numbers prepended to the line. Since the lines don't always appear in order, this is important. Same with file names, when we print a line in a different file from the previously-printed line, we should say so:

// In foo/bar.c
// int x = a + b;
add r4, r5, r6
hfinkel added inline comments.Mar 14 2017, 1:42 PM

I think that it is definitely worth considering about more of a handshake here between the frontend and the backend.

That having been said, we have the same problem with stdin code as we do with optimization reports. We just can't support that in a reasonable way right now.

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