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[Profile] SelectInst instrumentation Support in IR-PGO

Authored by davidxl on Aug 19 2016, 2:57 PM.



Select instructions are currently ignored by PGO leading to missing profile data which is useful in guiding the select instruction lowering. This patch implements this missing feature for IRPGO.

A new counter increment intrinsic is introduced (extended from existing increment) that also takes a step argument. It is used to track the number times the true value of a select instruction is taken. The FalseValue count is derived from TrueValue count and the parent BB's profile count.

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vsk edited edge metadata.Aug 19 2016, 5:58 PM

This is an interesting patch! I'm excited to see how the new information will be used.

I have two notes about documentation: 1) this patch needs to update docs/LangRef.rst, and 2) docs/BranchWeightMetadata.rst claims that SelectInst is not allowed to have branch_weight metadata -- so either the docs need fixing or the Verifier needs fixing (or both!). I can help with that if you like.


Why not pass the IRBuilder in to avoid creating the DefaultStep until it's needed?




'size' is an odd name for a method in an InstVisitor. How about 'getNumSelectInsts'?


My impression is that this could be better structured / easier to read as two different InstVisitors. Both visitors would maintain less state than the current SelectInstVisitor, and their constructors should obviate the need SetCounterIndex and SetCounterUse.


Can you check that the increment-step instruction disappears with -pgo-instr-select=false?


'i64 [[STEP]]' instead of 'i64 %0'?

vsk added a comment.Aug 19 2016, 6:09 PM

(Instruction::extractProfTotalWeight seems OK with branch weight metadata on selects, but at a glance I can't tell whether or not SimplifyCFG uses that information. The verifier doesn't check this metadata for validity..)

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It is not supposed to be virtual.


The instrumentation and use need to traverse IR in exactly the same way. Even though splitting it into two visitors does not change that, I'd like to keep them using the same class to show this strong tie.

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Addressed review feedbacks.

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Addressed review feedbacks.

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Addressed review comments and added LangRef documentation.

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Random drop by comment inline.

228 ↗(On Diff #71758)

One out of context comment here -- can't this logic be part of dyn_cast via the classof you addd to InstrProfIncrementInstStep?