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IR: Introduce local_unnamed_addr attribute.

Authored by pcc on May 13 2016, 2:50 PM.



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I much prefer this version.


We should probably either disallow unnamed_addr on variables or says that whoever put it there knows what he is doing.

For now I would suggest just leaving this part here.

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I think it'd be more clear what this does if it were renamed hasGlobalUnnamedAddr. It's current name implies that UnnamedAddr != NotUnnamedAddr instead of UnnamedAddr == GlobalUnnamedAddr.


I'd expect this to be UnnamedAddr == LocalUnnamedAddr. I'd either choose a better name for this function or change the callers to check for both UnnamedAddrType values.

majnemer added inline comments.May 16 2016, 9:38 AM

NotUnnamedAddr is a little awkward.

Perhaps it'd be a little easier if we made UnnamedAddrType an enum class.
Something like:

enum class UnnamedAddr {
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Should the verifier check if this the property is invalidly set?

I discussed this a little with @majnemer on IRC. I think we cannot do this because passes should be allowed to introduce benign address comparisons. One example of this is speculative comparison of vtable addresses for devirtualization (vtables are unnamed_addr in C++, but imagine some other language where they weren't). If globalopt were to mark globals local_unnamed_addr, that would cause any speculative comparison to fail to verify.

One way to solve the problem could be to teach the devirtualizer to clear the local_unnamed_addr attribute, but imagine some case where some pass that runs after the devirtualizer uncovers the comparison (for example, if a constructor is inlined into a devirtualized call site, that might cause both sides of the comparison to become constant). This means that any number of passes would need to protect against this situation.

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  • Add documentation to BitCodeFormat and LangRef
pcc retitled this revision from [wip] IR: Introduce local_unnamed_addr attribute. to IR: Introduce local_unnamed_addr attribute..May 17 2016, 2:28 PM
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You might want to add a case to compatibility.ll too.


What are the white space changes? Can you commit them first if it is a cleanup?


Can you commit these first? (they LGTM).


This might look nicer with a function that returns "", "local_unamed_addr " or "unnamed_addr ".


That way you get use the helper in here too.

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  • Add another use of helper function
  • Update compatibility.ll
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You might want to add a case to compatibility.ll too.



Yes, r269857.


As above

Folks, llvm-commits wasn't even on the original version of this patch, and there is essentially no high-level description of the problem being solved or the motivation of the patch.

Can you start a fresh revision in phab and actually include a *lot* more context? I suspect many, many people will be very interested in something as impactful as a new variant of 'unnamed_addr' and they may (like me) have completely missed the discussion taking place here or lack significant context for it.

pcc added a comment.May 17 2016, 4:57 PM

Hi Chandler, the initial patch/discussion/context was on D20258 which did start on the mailing list. Admittedly some of that didn't make it here, so I'll create a fresh revision with a better commit message.

Seriously I absolutely don't get the "start a new revision" thing because the initial email was not on llvm-commit. Really what is the rational?

We are losing the history and the threading for the review, this is really annoying.

So big -1

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