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[mlir][tensor] Support more cases in MergeConsecutiveExtractSlice

Authored by antiagainst on Sep 20 2022, 11:08 AM.



This commit adds utility functions to perform general merging of
OffsetSizeAndStrideOpInterface by supporting producer rank
reducing and non-unit strides.

With it we can extend MergeConsecutiveExtractSlice to support
more cases.

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Seems like the utility function mergeOffsetsSizesAndStrides should be added to ViewLikeInterface or Dialect/Utils because it has greater scope. The primary use that comes to mind is that the memref "fold alias ops" (used to be "fold subviews") essential does the same thing (SubView and ExtractSlice are both implement the OffsetSizeAndStrideOpInterface). Therefore, it seems like an opportunity for code de-duplication.

Edit: I tried doing this in and run into the issue with Interface/ViewLikeInterface depending on Dialect/Utils and use of Affine ops. So the only common place it could go to be used by Memref and Tensor dialects is in affine dialect utils.


All three of these helper functions seem superfluous because the the makeComposedFoldedAffineApply does the optimization in getAffineExpr and the expressions aren't complicated enough to require the add and mul helpers. I tested the below code:

LogicalResult mlir::mergeOffsetsSizesAndStrides(
    OpBuilder &builder, Location loc, ArrayRef<OpFoldResult> producerOffsets,
    ArrayRef<OpFoldResult> producerSizes,
    ArrayRef<OpFoldResult> producerStrides,
    const llvm::SmallBitVector &droppedProducerDims,
    ArrayRef<OpFoldResult> consumerOffsets,
    ArrayRef<OpFoldResult> consumerSizes,
    ArrayRef<OpFoldResult> consumerStrides,
    SmallVector<OpFoldResult> &combinedOffsets,
    SmallVector<OpFoldResult> &combinedSizes,
    SmallVector<OpFoldResult> &combinedStrides) {

  AffineExpr s0, s1, d0;
  bindDims(builder.getContext(), d0);
  bindSymbols(builder.getContext(), s0, s1);

  unsigned consumerPos = 0;
  for (auto i : llvm::seq<unsigned>(0, producerOffsets.size())) {
    if (droppedProducerDims.test(i)) {
      // For dropped dims, get the values from the producer.
      combinedOffsets[i] = producerOffsets[i];
      combinedSizes[i] = producerSizes[i];
      combinedStrides[i] = producerStrides[i];
    SmallVector<OpFoldResult> offsetSymbols, strideSymbols;
    // The combined offset is computed as
    //    producer_offset + consumer_offset * producer_strides.
    combinedOffsets[i] = makeComposedFoldedAffineApply(
        builder, loc, d0 * s0 + s1,
        {consumerOffsets[consumerPos], producerStrides[i], producerOffsets[i]});
    combinedSizes[i] = consumerSizes[consumerPos];
    // The combined stride is computed as
    //    consumer_stride * producer_stride.
    combinedStrides[i] = makeComposedFoldedAffineApply(
        builder, loc, d0 * s0,
        {consumerStrides[consumerPos], producerStrides[i]});

  return success();
mravishankar added inline comments.Sep 21 2022, 4:01 PM

Thats great! This was developed in IREE first, and that time we didnt have makeComposedFoldedAffineApply. I did suspect that those would make these methods redundant.

Thanks @mehdi_amini for the revert! I'll address it tomorrow.

Thanks @christopherbate for the suggestion! Yeah I didn't put in the ViewLikeInterface impl cpp because of the affine op dependency. Didn't know about the makeComposedFoldedAffineApply; that's pretty nice! Let me update accordingly tomorrow.

Relanded and uploaded to move to a more common place to be shared with memref too.