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Protect calls to KMP_DLSYM in kmp_alloc.cpp

Authored by alban.bridonneau on Sep 29 2021, 5:57 AM.



This fixes static builds of openmp. They currently
fail at runtime because of an "undefined symbol"
error. dlsym is only available for dynamic builds.

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Which platform has the problem? Static build does not preclude linking libdl, which will provide dlsym. So, an alternative solution might be to link libdl for the static library?

kmp_ftn_entry.h uses the same function in several places. No issues there?


This variable should at least be set to 0/false

The issue was detected on Linux, AArch64.

Other calls to dlsym in kmp_alloc.cpp are already protected by that define, which is why i thought it made sense to do the same here.
It seems that kmp_ftn_entry.h was not included in my build. I'll go through the CMake files to see what happened.


kmp_ftn_entry.h provides the implementation for all OpenMP API functions. I'm curious to see what happened, that it is not included.

Sorry for the delay, i had a couple of concurrent tasks.

kmp_ftn_entry.h was indeed included, i had just looked at it wrong. Also, we are going to follow your suggestion and link against libdl, so this patch is no longer needed

Thanks for the review!

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