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Added note about Whatstyle and Unformat
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Authored by Volker-Weissmann on Sep 22 2021, 7:14 AM.



I added a note about Whatstyle and Unformat in the docs.

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Whatstyle has not been updated since Dec 2020, is it going to cover the latest style configuration options?

Whatstyle has not been updated since Dec 2020, is it going to cover the latest style configuration options?

No it doesn't.
As I wrote, both work on a best-effort basis. I tried them myself, they are far from guaranteed to give you the correct .clang-format file. But it's better than nothing.

IMHO is that I don't personally feel we need to endorse the work of someone else that could be potentially incomplete, These tools are interesting (per say) but I have no idea how accurate they are in terms of using all the options or how much they keep pace, for everything else there is "google search" to find these, (other search engines are available)

My feeling is that if you are using this tool then perhaps you are rushing to get to your format and you should be either :

a) picking a default style
b) taking a bit more time to read the manual and choose what you want.

Those tools suggest a quick fix, but come with extra effort to get them installed (extra python modules) and I personally wouldn't want clang-format to be somehow responsible if they generate an incorrect .clang-format file or messed up someones files.

I'll let others decide if they think it's of value but for me it's a no (sorry just my 2c worth).

HazardyKnusperkeks resigned from this revision.Wed, Oct 6, 12:12 PM

I too think this should not directly mentioned in clang-format documentation.

I understand your concerns, it isn't meant as an endorsement. I took me quite a while too find them with google, so I thought I make it faster for the next one after me.