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[getUnderlyingObject] support ptr_provenance

Authored by jeroen.dobbelaere on Aug 3 2021, 8:09 AM.



Allow to follow the pointer path through the computation operand 0 of llvm.experimental.ptr.provenance) or through the provenance (operand 1 of llvm.experimental.ptr.provenance).

Note: No further usage of this change is made at this moment. The BasicAliasAnalysis is mixing up the 'provenance' (as meant in ptr provenance and 'base' as where you end up when looking through the pointer computations. Any change there means choosing a policy (like explained in N2676 and others). At this moment, I am not sure what path to follow.

  • For full restrict, the idea is that the ptr_provenance and the underlying object of the computation end up to be the same. For N2676 this is not necessarily the case. Also for fixing issues related to GVN optimizing pointers based on 'equality', but losing provenance by doing so, this will also change that assumption.

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Refer to UnknownProvenance instead of ConstantPointerNull in comment of getUnderlyingObject.

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It does kind of seem to me that getUnderlyingObject is intended to discover the provenance given that it discards GEPs. So always following the provenance path seems reasonable. However for full restrict the question to follow noalias intrinsics or not does appear to be more situational. So perhaps FollowProvenance should turn in to a FollowNoAlias argument?

I think this is fine, we can argue about the name but it won't matter much. A test would be nice though.

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I'm ok to not bikeshed this one at this time :-).

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