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[clangd] Color dependent names based on their heuristic target if they have one

Authored by nridge on Mar 26 2020, 5:20 PM.

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nridge created this revision.Mar 26 2020, 5:20 PM
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Adding some reviewers.

Great! Needs some tests though :-)


Can you move these into some logical order?
e.g. below the common cases, or paired with the non-dependent equivalents


Can you add tests for these changes?
This function is used for various things beyond semantic highlighting (such as rename) so it has its own tests.


nit: the quality is of the categorization (the "highlighting"), not the token.
And I don't think "heuristic" is a good name for DependentType etc - when DependentType conflicts with Field, it's *Field* that's heuristic!

I'd suggest something like enum HighlightPriority { Dependent, Resolved } so that < does the obvious thing.


nit: move the enum inside this function and return unsigned? No need to worry about names then, and represents that this is only used for prioritization.


why a limit of 2, vs a loop?


can we move this case into resolveConflict?


out of curiosity, *why* is the same token being highlighted as dependentname and resolved? Is it being traversed twice?

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Address review comments


I'm not aware of a scenario where we'd get more than two conflicting highlightings, except when macros are involved in which case we don't have a good way to disambiguate anyways.


It's for the reason you described in this comment: the resolved highlighting comes from findExplicitReferences(), and the dependent one form CollectExtraHighlightings.

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Oh yeah :-)
Can we add a comment somewhere about this case? e.g. on resolveConflict (this happens when...)

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