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[clang] tooling replacements are escaped when exporting to YAML
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Authored by njames93 on Mar 11 2020, 6:11 PM.



Escapes replacement text when exporting to yaml and unescapes when importing from yaml.

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  • Moved escape/unescape impl to source file
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Can this ever be false. Does execution of a test case stop once an ASSERT_EQ fails

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Just so I have asked ;-)
Escaping every \ would be incorrect? Basically duplicate every '\'.


I think it would be worthwhile to test other characters as well.
50% of that would be purely for documentation purposes. What would happen when you escape \x and unescape \\x?


Yes, assert stops the test case. After the assert you can safely assume they are identical.


I assume this kind of test would have been green even without your change? Or would it fail?
You are testing that it is reconstructed correctly (which is indeed the main point), but not the escaping and unescaping.
You should probably test a concrete example with(escaped text, expected escaped test).

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  • Extend tests

You need to escape the escape character to avoid ambiguity when unescaping later

Say the code has the raw string which is \ followed by n. it would be escaped as \n.
Then when it comes to unescape it will read \n as a newline.
Escaping the \ leads to the output being \\n which will be read back as a \ followed by n.


I have added all the c++ escape characters apart from \' as that is handled in the yaml string parser anyway and \" as that seems to be ignore anyway


Yes this should've passed before however the issue was one more of readability. Things like the old double newline just look confusing whereas every programmer knows that '\n' is code for newline.
I have planned to add that in.

Fine for me. Fixes newline bug in
However I don't have "review privileges" here.

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