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Change llvm call once check for building Swift for PowerPC(ppc64le)
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Authored by sarveshtamba on Mon, Jan 7, 3:22 AM.



These changes are required to resolve the call_once related errors seen while building the Swift toolchain on PowerPC64LE. The existing macro checks are inadequate while building Swift on PowerPC64LE.

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sarveshtamba created this revision.Mon, Jan 7, 3:22 AM

@nemanjai, please review and let me know if this looks good.

@nemanjai, any updates on this one?

Did we not address the PPC related checks earlier? IIRC, the problem was that gcc does not define __PPC__ but does define __ppc__. The problem with std::call_once was not related to endian, so why not extend the condition on L32 to include __PPC__?

Extending the condition to include PPC

Hi @compnerd

In, we had extended the condition to include PPC.
However, the check required to build LLVM on PPC64LE was missed in SVN r348970.

Hence as requested by @nemanjai in review request D55503, I have raised this new review request D56382. I have also extended the condition to include PPC by submitting an additional diff to this new review request D56382.

Hello, @nemanjai , @compnerd

Any updates on this?