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[analyzer] Use EvalCallOptions for destructors as well.

Authored by NoQ on Feb 6 2018, 3:59 PM.



In D42457 we added the EvalCallOptions structure to notify evalCall() when some other code believes that there's something fishy about the call, so that this other code didn't make decisions about whether the call needs to be inlined, but instead evalCall() itself had all the information presented in a clear manner and could make a well-thought decision. This was initially used for constructors, to notify evalCall() that we didn't manage to find the correct region for construction.

Do the same for destructors. The code here is structured differently - we don't have single "getRegionForDestructor()" function within VisitCXXDestructor (but there is a small part of it - the makeZeroElementRegion() part), but we're doing it separately for different CFGElement kinds and only then call VisitCXXDestructor() with a ready-made region. I didn't try to change that, apart from moving the makeZeroElementRegion() hack out to the caller, so that EvalCallOptions were initialized in a single place and then passed by const reference.

Renamed EvalCallOptions flags to be more concise.

Accidentally, part of this patch has leaked into D42457, which caused a functional change. This patch reverts that accidental functional change. Apart from that, no functional change is intended.

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Remove a couple of accidental blank lines.

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Remove the check in shouldInlineCall() as well. It's quite covered by the IsConstructorWithImproperlyModeledTargetRegion check.

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