Reland "Make TracePcGuardController linker-initialized"
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Authored by phosek on Fri, Jan 12, 5:03 PM.



This broke check-tsan because of linter issues.

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phosek created this revision.Fri, Jan 12, 5:03 PM
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clang-format and lib/sanitizer_common/scripts/ disagree about whitespace before braces.

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I wonder if is worthwhile any more. Perhaps it should be replaced by a check that clang-format doesn't decide to change anything.

@kcc @vitalybuka lib/sanitizer_common/scripts/ and clang-format seem to disagree on formatting of static initializers which is breaking the build. It's likely that the version that's in tree doesn't even support static initializers. I tried to replace lib/sanitizer_common/scripts/ with the latest version from which resolves this issue but starts throwing errors for other files in compiler-rt. Do you have any suggestion/opinion on what to do about this?