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[MachineBlockPlacement] Make sure PreferredLoopExit is cleared everytime new loop is processed

Authored by trentxintong on Oct 4 2017, 2:33 PM.



Rotate on exit that actually exits the current loop.

I found this by looking this nested loop. When loop@Depth3 is processed, BB#193 is the exiting block. And when loop@Depth2 is processed, the loop is rotated w.r.t BB#193 because PreferredLoopExit is not cleared. Should not we clear PreferredLoopExit every time we process a new loop ?

BB#193: derived from LLVM BB %cleanup.i.i781

Live Ins: %RAX %RBP %RBX %RSI %R9 %R10 %R11 %R13 %R14 %R15
Predecessors according to CFG: BB#192
    %RBX<def,tied1> = ADD64ri8 %RBX<kill,tied0>, 8, %EFLAGS<imp-def,dead>
    %RBP<def,tied1> = ADD64ri8 %RBP<kill,tied0>, 8, %EFLAGS<imp-def,dead>
    CMP64rr %RBX, %R15, %EFLAGS<imp-def>
    JB_1 <BB#192>, %EFLAGS<imp-use>
    JMP_1 <BB#174>
Successors according to CFG: BB#192(0x7fef9fcb / 0x80000000 = 99.95%) BB#174(0x00106035 / 0x80000000 = 0.05%)

Loop at depth 2 containing: BB#191<header>,BB#192,BB#182,BB#193,BB#174,BB#175,BB#176,BB#177,BB#178,BB#179,BB#180,BB#181,BB#183,BB#187<exiting>,BB#184,BB#185,BB#186<exiting>,BB#188<exiting>,BB#189<exiting>,BB#190<latch>
Loop at depth 3 containing: BB#192<header><exiting>,BB#193<latch><exiting>

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A test case?

A test case?

I thought about adding a .ll test case, but should not an assert guard against future failures better than a shoehorn'ed test case to check just this sort of thing ?

I believe that added assert is invalid. PreferredLoopExit might be easily part of the loop L if it was not added to hot chain. In other words pass decided to layout this BB in a scope of outer loop or function at all.

If you agree with me, please fix this asap.

gyiu added a subscriber: gyiu.EditedOct 5 2017, 3:57 PM

@trentxintong Hello, this change is actually causing the assert to trigger in 15 SPEC2006 benchmarks on PPC64LE with '-O3 -mcpu=pwr8 -m64 -fprofile-use -flto=thin'. Failures are during the link step.

lib/CodeGen/MachineBlockPlacement.cpp:2246: void {anonymous}::MachineBlockPlacement::buildLoopChains(const llvm::MachineLoop&): Assertion `L.isLoopExiting(PreferredLoopExit) && "not an exiting block of current loop"' failed.

Benchmarks: 400.perlbench 401.bzip2 403.gcc 433.milc 445.gobmk 447.dealII 450.soplex 453.povray 456.hmmer 458.sjeng 464.h264ref 471.omnetpp 473.astar 482.sphinx3 483.xalancbmk

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