clang-format: better handle namespace macros
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Authored by Typz on Wed, Sep 13, 9:27 AM.



Other macros are used to declare namespaces, and should thus be handled
similarly. This is the case for crpcut's TESTSUITE macro, or for
unittest-cpp's SUITE macro:

TEST(MyFirstTest) {

This patch deals with this cases by introducing a new option to specify
lists of namespace macros. Internally, it re-uses the system already in
place for foreach and statement macros, to ensure there is no impact on

Typz created this revision.Wed, Sep 13, 9:27 AM
Typz added a reviewer: klimek.Wed, Sep 13, 9:30 AM

I think instead of introducing more and more special cases of macros we might want to handle, we should instead allow specifying macro productions globally.