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[GlobalISel][X86] Support vector type G_UNMERGE_VALUES selection.

Authored by igorb on May 29 2017, 10:53 PM.



Support vector type G_UNMERGE_VALUES selection.
For now G_UNMERGE_VALUES marked as legal for any type, so nothing to do in legalizer.

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Hi Igor,

It seems to me that the patch could be split into finer grain patches.

  • API change (getRegClassForTypeOnBank to getRegClass)
  • One change for each different select (unmerge, merge, copy, etc.)
  • Legality setting

Please use the .mir framework to test separately each new thing (like one test for the legality change, one for the select part). Of course bitcode to asm are still useful as integration tests and should be kept.


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