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[asan] Teach to use :arch with atos and llvm-symbolizer on Darwin

Authored by kubamracek on Dec 2 2016, 5:42 PM.



On Darwin, there is an issue with llvm-symbolizer and atos, where we cannot properly symbolize when mixing x86_64 and x86_64h modules within one process. This is a very common case on macOS (x86_64h is backwards compatible, so when there is no x86_64h slice, a regular x86_64 is loaded instead). This currently makes some compiler-rt tests fail on Haswell+ Darwin machines.

This patch teaches to read an architecture suffix on module names (e.g. ":x86_64") and pass that option to atos and llvm-symbolizer. Follow-up patches will fix the same problem when invoking llvm-symbolizer directly from sanitizers.

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Please add an if force_system_symbolizer: assert(allow_system_symbolizer) or similar, to do a sanity check.

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Isn't : a valid filename character on most Linux fs?

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Ah, okay. Do you want me to restrict this to Darwin?

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Addressing review comments, updating patch. We will assume that the arch is part of the filename ("libabc.dylib:x86_64h") only if the last part is a known architecture. I'll update my other patch to add a comment into the .h file to point out that there's a list of known architectures in

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