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Support of lldb on Kfreebsd

Authored by sylvestre.ledru on Aug 28 2016, 2:20 PM.

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This really should turn into a check so that we don't need this to be extended for every single OS that gets added.

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There is now support for CMake >= 3.0, which offers a builtin check for it.

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  • in the future can you please upload with context (e.g. git diff -U9999)
  • I think the OS names in are kept sorted and the actual enum values are not part of an ABI
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I agree with previous comments - if we can convert this to a CMake built-in check, that would be ideal.

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@sylvestre.ledru, I think this will be ready to go if you can convert that check to a CMake built-in check. Maybe you can pass that along to Pino Toscano?

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Two requested changes called out in comments above

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Updated by Pino!

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Hi Sylvestre!

It's hard to tell without more context, but it looks like this location has most/all configurations going through it. For OSes that don't actually have a backtrace package, I think this emits a cmake error, doesn't it?

This might need to be protected by the systems that need the backtrace package. (Probably Unix-like systems only?)

krytarowski added inline comments.Oct 11 2016, 6:04 PM

It's sufficient to drop the REQUIRED keyword and it will be fine. ${Backtrace_LIBRARY} will be evaluated to NIL in case of lack of this dependency.

I'm unsure whether find_pacakge() might be after usage of ${Backtrace_LIBRARY}. I would reorder it at least for clarity for a reader.

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Okay. I think we need a minor tweak, to drop the REQUIRED on the Backtrace usage.

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Looks reasonable to me.

@beanz, any comments on this?

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Looks fine to me.

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