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[ARM64EC 12/?] Add param/ret attr for struct to help generate correct thunk for arm64ec
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Authored by bcl5980 on Aug 30 2022, 3:34 AM.



When we compile a function on Arm64EC, the function need arm64 function signature, and a corresponding x64 signature.
The frontend always generates the function with the arm64 signature, and thunk generation translates that to the x64 signature.
For now only from arm64 signature function type we can't translate all kinds of function to x64 signature.
So this change add a attribute to contain structure's original size to help thunk generation pass to generate correct x64 signature.

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bcl5980 updated this revision to Diff 458079.Sep 5 2022, 7:29 PM

add getParamArm64ECArgX86SignBytes into function.h

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Using "Sign" as an abbreviation for "Signature" is confusing. Avoid abbreviating if you can; if you think it's necessary, use "Sig" as shorthand for "Signature".

Not sure it's the right thing to put in the name of the attribute, though; the name of the attribute should probably mention it's the "size" of the argument. Maybe just arm64ec_arg_size().

This looks like it matches the approach I suggested.


Ty->isArrayType() will never be true; type promotion rules don't allow specifying an array as a function argument.


Please use getTypeSizeInChars().

bcl5980 updated this revision to Diff 462382.Sep 22 2022, 8:03 PM

Rename the attribute to arm64ecargsize

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