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[clang-format] Fix whitespace counting stuff

Authored by sstwcw on May 1 2022, 8:02 PM.



The current way of counting whitespace would count backticks as
whitespace. For Verilog stuff we need backticks to be handled
correctly. For JavaScript the current way is to compare the entire
token text to see if it's a backtick. However, when the backtick is the
first token following an escaped newline, the escaped newline will be
part of the tok::unknown token. Verilog has macros and escaped newlines
unlike JavaScript. So we can't regard an entire tok::unknown token as
whitespace. Previously, the start of every token would be matched for
newlines. Now, it is all whitespace instead of just newlines.

The column counting problem has already been fixed for JavaScript in
e71b4cbdd140f059667f84464bd0ac0ebc348387 by counting columns elsewhere.

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Can you add some documentation?


I'd put (and search while reading) the comment after the case.


Please verify your assumption with an assert.

Is this patch NFC?


I'd replace the switch with if (isspace(Cur[0])) ... else if (Cur[1] == '\n' ...) ....


\r\n is a newline on Windows.


Don't you need to look ahead for a ??/?

Is there any way you could add a unit test for this?

sstwcw updated this revision to Diff 429530.May 15 2022, 5:50 AM
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This patch is not NFC. But there would not be change in behavior if the
input is valid C as far as I know.

#define LIST \
output before, note extra line:
#define LIST                                                                   \
  `ENTRY \
output after:
#define LIST \

I don't know how I would add a test for this.

The tests in D124749 depend on this though.


Is this comment enough?


I added a comment to make it clear the code is correct.


It has to be ??/. Now there's an assertion.


Maybe some reasoning?

Also I think NewLen shouldn't be bigger than FormatTok->TokenText.size() should it? Add an assert and a comment on the restriction.

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Can there be a test case, not related to Verilog? Or do we need to wait until you pump up the support for that?

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@sstwcw @HazardyKnusperkeks : this change introduced a regression in one of the clang format unit tests. I fixed it in the revision below. Could anyone please take a look / approve this revision to unblock Windows debug builds? Thanks!