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Make separate config variable for `LLVM_LIBRARY_DIRS`

Authored by Ericson2314 on Jan 2 2022, 11:11 AM.



@beanz tells me it should in fact exists, and it would be bad to put a
list of dirs in LLVM_LIBRARY_DIR. I am therefore making some changes
to help avoid this an other mistakes:

  • Use a separate LLVM_CONFIG_LIBRARY_DIR (no "S") variable so we don't start putting a list in LLVM_LIBRARY_DIR by mistake.
  • Define the individual dir variables first, and the define the list of dirs variables programmatically.

Also, I rearranged the definitions of the "regular" single dirs below so
LLVM_BINARY_DIR, which is the unsuffixed one, comes first before the
suffixed ones.

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