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[llvm-reduce] Introduce operands-skip pass.

Authored by Meinersbur on Oct 14 2021, 9:48 AM.



Add a new "operands-skip" pass whose goal is to remove instructions in the middle of dependency chains. For instance:

%baseptr = alloca i32
%arrayidx = getelementptr i32, i32* %baseptr, i32 %idxprom
store i32 42, i32* %arrayidx

might be reducible to

%baseptr = alloca i32
%arrayidx = getelementptr ...  ; now dead, together with the computation of %idxprom
store i32 42, i32* %baseptr

Other passes would either replace %baseptr with undef (operands, instructions) or move it to become a function argument (operands-to-args), both of which might fail the interestingness check.

In principle the implementation allows operand replacement with any value or instruction in the function that passes the filter constraints (same type, dominance, "more reduced"), but is limited in this patch to values that are directly or indirectly used to compute the current operand value, motivated by the example above. Additionally, function arguments are added to the candidate set which helps reducing the number of relevant arguments mitigating a concern of too many arguments mentioned in

Possible future extensions:

  • Instead of requiring the same type, bitcast/trunc/zext could be automatically inserted for some more flexibility.
  • If undef is added to the candidate set, "operands-skip"is able to produce any reduction that "operands" can do. Additional candidates might be zero and one, where the "reductive power" classification can prefer one over the other. If undefined behaviour should not be introduced, undef can be removed from the candidate set.

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Meinersbur created this revision.Oct 14 2021, 9:48 AM
Meinersbur requested review of this revision.Oct 14 2021, 9:48 AM
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this looks very cool!


leftover debugging?


I thought we preferred ConstantData over undef




I'd prefer a function_ref<void(Use &, ArrayRef<Value *>)> over templates


DominatorTree DT(F);
the pass manager infra doesn't give us anything here


is && necessary? the result of collectReferencedValues() should be moved into a local variable

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Meinersbur added inline comments.Oct 18 2021, 9:11 PM

You mentioned this as "reduce to undef/1/0, probably in that order" in, but I didn't interpret this as consensus. My approach here was to mimic the current behaviour where everything is reduced to undef if possible. If introducing undef is not desired, then an option could avoid adding it to the set of possibilities. In this approach, it could only be added if there there is already an undef somewhere.

Changing the order of preference might still be better. I changed it accordingly.


It's not necessary, but would save the invocation of move-ctor.


removed && here too

the latest diff also contains the reduce-operands-to-args pass

  • Rebase
  • Remove operands-to-args pass from diff
aeubanks accepted this revision.Oct 28 2021, 3:55 PM
aeubanks added inline comments.

an UndefValue is a ConstantData, so this should be moved into the ConstantData if block above

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Oct 28 2021, 3:55 PM

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