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[LV][ARM] Allow tail folded reduction selects to remain in the loop
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Authored by dmgreen on Tue, Jul 28, 3:35 AM.



The normal scheme for tail folding reductions is to use:

  p = phi(0, a)
  mask = ...
  x = masked_load(..., mask)
  a = add(x, p)
s = select(mask, a, p)

This means we need to keep the register p and a alive out of the loop, plus the mask. On a target with predicated operations we can instead generate the phi as p = phi(0, s). This ensures the select in the loop and we can fold select(m, add(a, b), c) to something like a vaddt c, a, b using the m predicate. This in turn allows us to tail predicate the entire loop.

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